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Invisalign - What to Expect the First Two Weeks

We are following one person's story of Invisalign. Kristen had braces as a child but found that her teeth moved as she aged, which left her thinking about options to straighten her teeth and align her bite again as an adult. She chose Invisalign and here's what happened as she gets started -

Week one in the books. I’m so excited!I am already starting to feel and see a lot of positive changes in the way my bite fits together and my teeth are aligned. The hardest adjustment for the first few days was weighing out if it was worth it to eat what I wanted knowing I would need to brush, floss and rinse afterward. I think after a week I have come to a happy medium where I snack less and try to eat more at meals while still giving in to some of my snacking or drinking desires outside of meal times. I have learned to make things the most convenient and put a travel toothpaste, toothbrush, and an extra case for the trays in my purse, car, and at work.  This helps me have easy access to what I need no matter the location. I have been wearing my aligners about 22 hours/day taking them out only to eat/drink. I did have a party to go to last night and left them out for 3 hours. I didn’t have any trouble getting them in afterward. This morning I put in the week 2 trays and I felt a little more pressure on my teeth but not pain and no trouble getting them in. I’m excited to see the changes the week brings.

Being a foodie on vacation is a bit of extra work with invisalign. I was in the mountains for the weekend and I had my list of all my favorite restaurants that I like to eat at for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and dessert. I was not about to miss out on any of my favorites. I did a lot of brushing! One day I brushed my teeth 6 times. Even though I took the invisalign out a lot, I didn’t have them out for long periods. I was able to stay on track and still move up to my 3rd week aligners on time. Something I have noticed is that each week I change the aligners out I notice a new area of focused movement or soreness. This is keeping me excited to see what will change from the new aligners. After completing my first 2 weeks my bite is significantly improved and my teeth are widening out and closing together better.