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One Woman's Story of Invisalign After Braces

Did you have braces as a kid and now things have shifted or moved as an adult? Maybe you removed that little silver retainer that was behind your bottom teeth or maybe you didn't wear your top retainer as your orthodontist suggested?  You are not alone! A lot of adults had braces as a young child and now that they are older they have experienced some changing and shifting of their teeth and their bite.

Don't worry - there is help. We are going to be following one woman's story of Invisalign to learn about her experience and see, in her words, how easy it is to get that great smile back!

Day 1 -

Here we go! Today starts the first day of my Invisalign treatment. I am officially the last of 4 in my family to get orthodontic treatment with Dr Holt. Moms are always last, right? My oldest son went off to college this year so I have a little time to focus on myself :)

My aligners had arrived and I went in for my first appointment which was scheduled for 1 hour. The hygienist glued 10 “buttons” on my teeth and used a light to cure the glue. Once they were in place they put my week 1 aligners on to make sure they fit and then taught me how to take them out and put them back in.. My initial response was  “these are not that bad, I can do this.” I received 14 aligners to change out weekly. After completing the first 14 aligners, Dr Holt will re-evaluate and decide how much more treatment I need.

One of my concerns before getting treatment was not being able to snack whenever I want because on the days I am home from work I like to snack and am not always a standard three-meal-a-day kind of eater. We will see how this goes…… Once I got home from my appt I made myself a complete lunch, brushed my teeth, flossed and rinsed before putting my aligners back in. Off to a good start! I want to do this well so I can get the best result, the quickest possible.

Stay tuned for the next chapter ...