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Kristen's Story of Invisalign Treatment

December 15th, 2022

We are following one woman's story as she tells us about her experience with Invisalign in an effort to take you step-by-step through the experience. Kristen, pictured here, with her husband (who also had braces as an adult with Dr. Holt) decided to get Invisalign as an adult to straighten her teeth and improve her bite.


Recently, I had a dentist appt to get my teeth cleaned and had all good reports. No cavities and gums look great! I guess there are advantages to brushing and flossing so many times in a day. I also had my first check up with Dr. Holt at 7 weeks. They checked the fitting of my invisalign, and looked at my teeth compared to the corresponding week on the initial scans that were taken. This allows him to see if my teeth are moving as predicted. Dr Holt and I talked about the  process going forward. I will finish out the trays that I have ( total of 14) and come back to see him near the 14th week. Another scan will be taken of my teeth at that time and I will stay in tray 14 for about 3 weeks while I wait for the next set of aligners to come in.

Thanksgiving was just a few days ago and this was the first time that I took my aligners out for an extended period. I had them out for about 5-6 hours. At the end of the evening, the inside of my cheek was pretty irritated due to the “buttons” that are on my teeth. The buttons had rubbed against my cheek while talking and chewing. Once I put the aligners back in that helped to ease the pain on the inside of my cheek but it has taken several days to completely heal.


So what made me decide to get invisalign? Well…. I had braces as a kid and at one point had beautiful, straight teeth. Once I was finished with my braces I got plastic retainers for the top and bottom but don’t recall hearing about the importance of wearing the retainer. My teenage brain must have tuned that part out! As a result, I think I was pretty quick to stop wearing the retainers.

Through the years I have had my share of cavities. I have 2 crowns, 1 root canal and multiple fillings. Despite taking better than average care of my teeth, cavities regularly show up on my routine xrays at my dental cleanings. As I have gotten older I have tried to improve the health of my teeth in order to prevent cavities by making sure I have both good nutrition and tooth care. I have gotten to the point where I finally found a good pattern with brushing, flossing and rinsing that translated to less cavities.

As I have been paying more attention to how I care for my teeth I have noticed shifting of my teeth that has progressively gotten worse. My bite no longer was aligned and I had some occasional discomfort and tension on the right side of my jaw because I seemed to be chewing mostly on the right side. This began to concern me as I thought about the long term health of my teeth and gums. It only makes sense to me that if my jaw and teeth are not lined up optimally it may result in uneven wear and tear on my teeth, gums and jaw.

I am a physical therapist and pilates instructor and I work in close proximity with people all day. I want to have my best smile and I want to take care of my teeth now and prevent problems in the future. This is why I chose to do Invisalign.


I have finished my first set of trays and have been in the 14th week tray for 2 weeks. I had a follow up appt with Dr Holt today to look at my progress. Overall, he is very pleased with my progress thus far.  Dr Holt said that I can now switch to “retainer mode”, which means that I only need to wear the invisalign at night since we are just holding the teeth in position at this time. He took another scan of my teeth and I will wait another 4-6 weeks to get my next set of aligners. I have to say it is a welcome break to be able to go without wearing the invisalign in the day.


The last 6 weeks I have been in the 14th week retainer and I have enjoyed having the freedom to eat and drink when I want without having to brush and floss throughout the day. I am surprised that my teeth did not shift back at all despite cutting back to only nighttime wear. I picked up the 12 new trays today.. At my appointment, I was fitted with the first tray without any problems.

I have noticed a spot between my last 2 teeth that has a filling and seems to be a food trap. I asked Dr Harris if I should get the filling redone at this time but she advised me that I should wait until I am done with this set of trays as my teeth may close together more and I may not need to get the filling redone. Well, here we go with the next stage of this journey….


 I am getting closer to being finished with my invisalign. YAY! I am currently in tray 11/12 in my second set of trays. Since my last entry I have had another dental cleaning and things looked great. I was relieved to find out that I did not have any cavities and the dentist felt that things were looking great. I also had seen Dr Holt a few weeks ago and he felt that my teeth were moving really well toward our long term goals. At that time I was feeling good contact with the back teeth on both sides and I continue to be amazed at how much more effective I am with chewing when my teeth are aligned. The front left side of my teeth are still not where we want them so that is what we are going to address with the next set.  One more week until the next scan….


I have been in “retainer mode” for the last 6 weeks waiting for my next set of trays to come in. I just picked them up today and there are 12 more. I was anticipating that there would be less than that but I would rather have more trays and the best result possible so I am ok with 3 more months. I have still been wearing them as many hours as I can but I don’t worry about it as much if I have them out for a couple hours in the day.  Once I am done with this set it puts me at the end of September which will be almost a year since starting this process.

Invisalign - What to Expect the First Two Weeks

November 29th, 2022

We are following one person's story of Invisalign. Kristen had braces as a child but found that her teeth moved as she aged, which left her thinking about options to straighten her teeth and align her bite again as an adult. She chose Invisalign and here's what happened as she gets started -

Week one in the books. I’m so excited!I am already starting to feel and see a lot of positive changes in the way my bite fits together and my teeth are aligned. The hardest adjustment for the first few days was weighing out if it was worth it to eat what I wanted knowing I would need to brush, floss and rinse afterward. I think after a week I have come to a happy medium where I snack less and try to eat more at meals while still giving in to some of my snacking or drinking desires outside of meal times. I have learned to make things the most convenient and put a travel toothpaste, toothbrush, and an extra case for the trays in my purse, car, and at work.  This helps me have easy access to what I need no matter the location. I have been wearing my aligners about 22 hours/day taking them out only to eat/drink. I did have a party to go to last night and left them out for 3 hours. I didn’t have any trouble getting them in afterward. This morning I put in the week 2 trays and I felt a little more pressure on my teeth but not pain and no trouble getting them in. I’m excited to see the changes the week brings.

Being a foodie on vacation is a bit of extra work with invisalign. I was in the mountains for the weekend and I had my list of all my favorite restaurants that I like to eat at for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and dessert. I was not about to miss out on any of my favorites. I did a lot of brushing! One day I brushed my teeth 6 times. Even though I took the invisalign out a lot, I didn’t have them out for long periods. I was able to stay on track and still move up to my 3rd week aligners on time. Something I have noticed is that each week I change the aligners out I notice a new area of focused movement or soreness. This is keeping me excited to see what will change from the new aligners. After completing my first 2 weeks my bite is significantly improved and my teeth are widening out and closing together better.


One Woman's Story of Invisalign After Braces

November 14th, 2022

Did you have braces as a kid and now things have shifted or moved as an adult? Maybe you removed that little silver retainer that was behind your bottom teeth or maybe you didn't wear your top retainer as your orthodontist suggested?  You are not alone! A lot of adults had braces as a young child and now that they are older they have experienced some changing and shifting of their teeth and their bite.

Don't worry - there is help. We are going to be following one woman's story of Invisalign to learn about her experience and see, in her words, how easy it is to get that great smile back!

Day 1 -

Here we go! Today starts the first day of my Invisalign treatment. I am officially the last of 4 in my family to get orthodontic treatment with Dr Holt. Moms are always last, right? My oldest son went off to college this year so I have a little time to focus on myself :)

My aligners had arrived and I went in for my first appointment which was scheduled for 1 hour. The hygienist glued 10 “buttons” on my teeth and used a light to cure the glue. Once they were in place they put my week 1 aligners on to make sure they fit and then taught me how to take them out and put them back in.. My initial response was  “these are not that bad, I can do this.” I received 14 aligners to change out weekly. After completing the first 14 aligners, Dr Holt will re-evaluate and decide how much more treatment I need.

One of my concerns before getting treatment was not being able to snack whenever I want because on the days I am home from work I like to snack and am not always a standard three-meal-a-day kind of eater. We will see how this goes…… Once I got home from my appt I made myself a complete lunch, brushed my teeth, flossed and rinsed before putting my aligners back in. Off to a good start! I want to do this well so I can get the best result, the quickest possible.

Stay tuned for the next chapter ...


HOLT Orthodontics Supports Kids & Communities!

September 26th, 2022

While Dr. Holt has always been quiet and modest about his philanthropy, he supports and donates to a lot of super cool causes! HOLT Orthodontics is committed to supporting the communities they serve. In fact, Dr. Holt has personally contributed more than $100,000 dollars to local schools. In addition to the local schools, he has hand-picked some amazing charities to support with his time and money

Backpack Society – HOLT Orthodontics was the first corporate sponsor for Backpack Society, a local organization that raises funds, collects food donations and partners with local schools to fill food pantries and provide both weekday and weekend food for kids and families in need in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Sedalia, and Littleton. Their work means kids don’t go hungry and can focus on growing, learning, and thriving in school.

YANAM2M - You Are Not Alone – Mom 2 Mom - Dr. Holt is passionate about supporting mental health and donates his time, professional services and monetary contributions to this non-profit organization that is focused on supporting and providing mentors to moms in our community who are struggling or any mom who can reach out a helping hand and let another mom know that they are NOT alone. This support group and mentorship program helps moms in the Highlands Ranch area, so they have a strong support system during the ups and downs of motherhood!

Douglas County Education Foundation (DCEF) – As a proud parent with children in the Douglas County School District, Dr. Holt is dedicated to helping support and enrich the student experience. He supports and donates to this organization that works to promote innovation in the schools and provides development and encouragement for teachers and students across the district.  They raise money to help provide scholarships to high school seniors to attend college, and provide grants for the classroom, STEM programs and provide technology for students with sight, hearing or orthopedic challenges.